12 steps of intimacy

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You are interested in each other. In a sweet romance, there might not be a whole lot more than this on the page. That means you're going to be pushing your characters together, then pulling them apart. Does he glare at the intruder, keeping steady eye contact? The author of more than 30 books, including his most recent bestseller, Bringing Up Boys.

12 steps of intimacy

Rarely do individuals in our culture touch the head of another person unless they are either romantically involved or are family members. They cradle your face. Arms around the waist show a growing familiarity and comfort in the relationship. Be aware that a fixed gaze can also be viewed as threat behavior, so there's more fodder for the push-pull. Home run especially if you have taken the time bond at the previous 11 steps. Unlike most other animals that can fend for themselves early on, human infants require a lot of time, effort, and teaching before they can survive on their own. You start emotionally bonding. You know this person about as well as you know your best friend, and you like what you know. Terry Odell is the author of numerous romantic suspense novels, mystery novels, as well as contemporary romance short stories. They are more concerned with the world in front of them than they are with each other. Click here to get started — me and the rest of the DB Team have plenty more business weirdness and wonder to share! You ascend them to a higher level still The importance people place on these criteria determines whether or not they will be attracted to each other. Eye to body — This is the sizing up of a potential mate. Hand to hand or arm — The very first step in physical contact. It may be accidental touch that is kept in contact or deliberate. Not only will you get the rather awesome if I do say so myself Success Club Newsletter, you will also have instant access to the Business Value Maximisation course: You stroke their face. To see all her books, visit her website. A glance reveals much about a person — sex, size, shape, age, personality, and status. However, if the female doesn't measure up, he moves away. This shows a deepening trust. This should be a pretty long stage. Dobson recounts the 12 steps of intimacy: In an erotic romance, these first steps might take place on page one. She may not be ready for this step yet.

12 steps of intimacy

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