Best mate for taurus woman

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They will enjoy time just hanging out or making love. While Taurus provides a rock of common sense which Pisces can cling to when overwhelmed by worries, Pisces provides the imagination and sensitivity sometimes missing in the Taurus horoscope; compatibility thrives between this pair , much to the surprise of onlookers. Unless both parties are willing to work extremely hard to overcome differences, this pair is better suited for a steamy short-lived affair than a long-term relationship. Pisces is more in touch with his emotions and can at times be a bit too deep-feeling for Taurus, although his sensuality will seduce Taurus from the first kiss. If only they could find a way to relate as well in other areas. He wants to be mothered, not smothered, so she must take care not to be too possessive. In the Taurus horoscope, compatibility over life goals is essential, and this couple agree on all the important things.

Best mate for taurus woman

The chemistry between this pair is strong, making for an exceptionally satisfying sex life. They will have to learn to relate to and please each other so that they can be happy and compatible together. Arguments are rare for this like-minded couple. Some are more likely to compliment or complain! Traits of a Taurus Woman Taurus This is an obvious sun sign match, but it could become a real tug of war. However, the sexual side of this relationship can be difficult to foster. But when they do lock horns, tempers are explosive and neither partner is quick to back down. This unlocks the real power of astrology and gives much more useful and specific information, such as how they view you, how to turn them on, how to avoid arguments with them etc. There's an unconscious power struggle that might develop between them, but if she stays cool, he'll stick around longer than she imagines. Leo July 23 — August 22 Taurus and the Leo man are opposites in nearly every respect, making this unlikely pairing more quarrelsome than most are willing to endure. These star signs compatibility ratings are purely for entertainment — always remember that astrology compatibility is more complicated than Sun sign matches or mismatches. He'll be drawn to her earthy needs and she to his extremes of passion and intense emotions. Astrology Advice Born between April 21st and May 21st, the Taurus woman is down-to-earth and straightforward. You don't want to be caught in this girl's horns. This quality typically makes Taurus intolerant of air signs. He might decide she's too self-indulgent when he goes on one of his health kicks, but usually a long-lasting and unbreakable bond. Relationships with Taurus men: There needs to be a large dose of compromise in this relationship to soften innate stubbornness. Also both the sun signs are slow to make decisions to it will be difficult at times so they have to work together. Aries March 21 — April 19 The outgoing and independent Aries man is a good compliment for the introverted Taurus, but this isn't an ideal match. Taurus Woman's Ideal Match A Taurus woman needs her mate to provide her with the security of a stable home and income. But when he is home with her he is very attentive which she appreciates, especially in the bedroom! Excellent for long-term friendship and commitment as long as she's as serious about materialism and living a dynamic lifestyle as he is. Both the star signs will work hard to provide themselves with a good life for each other and their family. A challenging and highly transformative relationship that can be total love, total hate or both.

Best mate for taurus woman

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  1. Immense compatibility far overshadows any issues that this duo encounters, making this a lasting match. Conflict turns to intense passion in the bedroom for the Bull and the Lion but often isn't enough to make up for incompatibility.

  2. She needs to have some sense of stability, and know exactly where he is every minute of the day.

  3. Scorpio and Taurus Taurus has met her match when it comes to stubbornness and passion when she hooks up with Scorpio. Also the Leo man likes to spend money too frivolously.

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