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Regardless of the CBs technical capacity, it was an old-school oddity in a changing landscape, and Honda quietly dropped it after the model year. Further making the Nighthawk S stand out was its unique mix of old- and new-school bits. Paint was either two-tone black and blue or black and red, and just about everything else on the bike — save for the fake chromed velocity stacks on the outside carbs and the polished edges of the cylinder head fins — was matched in elegant, menacing black. Building a better Kawasaki KZ today Arthur notes that although the badge on the side cover reads KZ, his instructions to Jim were specific: Overall, complaints were almost non-existent. Jim figures prominently in this story as the builder of our featured Kawasaki KZ, which was commissioned by California-based motorcycle journalist Arthur Coldwells. Arthur says the paint is faithful to the original, only better. By George Orwell, anyone? Kawasaki already had plans for the KZ, a model that was introduced for

Blade motorcycles reading

Continue Reading Ben Inamura, an engineer Kawasaki inherited with its acquisition of Meguro, was responsible for engine development. That lack of use translated to dead batteries and stale gas, so he decided to sell the Kawasaki KZ to the Lehmann Motorcycle Foundation. Designed as a both Canada and Europe got a version , for the U. These were reduced in size from 28mm to 26mm, and were different in design from the earlier instruments. The front fender is NOS Kawasaki, while the rear is a reproduction blade. Jim, however, notes that Kawasaki offered a dual-disc conversion kit as an option for U. Photo by Gary Phelps The exhaust on this bike is a reproduction Z1 set with modified baffles. It fits, and it feels good. Also, an undercut second and fifth gear set was installed to replace the stock gears, which Jim says are prone to failure. Overall, the Z1 weighed in at Lifting the seat revealed the battery, a tool kit and the paper element air cleaner. As groundbreaking as the Z1 was, Kawasaki only included it in their line for two more years as the Z1A and the Z1B. Not many bikes on the road had the distinctive style of the Z1, with its streamlined front fender and slim gas tank and saddle. Blame it on timing and technology. As it was the Z1 tied for the fastest lap with a time of Hustling down mountain roads, the Honda responds immediately to steering inputs. Reproduction fork tubes were matched with polished lower fork legs, and the triple trees were fitted to the frame with tapered roller bearings. Up front was a inch spoked wheel with an Fuel and air mixed in a bank of four 28mm Mikuni carburetors. The publisher of Ultimate Motorcycling and a passionate motorcycle enthusiast, Arthur sits as a director of the Lehmann Motorcycle Foundation, an active motorcycle museum in California that has noted collector Daniel Schoenewald as the main director. The new 26mm Mikunis had no visible individual synchronized adjusters; these were concealed beneath the top covers, and according to Cycle Guide, the carburetors were tricky to synchronize. The formula, though, was right from the get-go. The mill went into a double-cradle, single backbone tube frame with a stocky rear swingarm. With special sintered-alloy exhaust valve seats, the engine could run on lead-free gasoline. Photo by Gary Phelps Claimed power:

Blade motorcycles reading

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  1. Regardless of the CBs technical capacity, it was an old-school oddity in a changing landscape, and Honda quietly dropped it after the model year.

  2. But the motorcycle press loved the bike for more than just its styling and specs. He started the project by disassembling the engine and glass-beading the cases.

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