Bowling usa slidell

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If I had another choice I would stop going there, but I don't so I have to deal with it. I also know that there leagues that process their own stuff and they have been getting their awards. Tommy It's such a shame that everyone who comes to this bowling alley is treated so poorly. We definitely won't be back and will never recommend this bowling alley to anyone else. I am amazed the owners have not taken corrective action with the staffing issues- especially with the sheer number of complaints! At first I thought it was a racial issue, but then I realized that they are equal opportunity offenders. The pro shop looks good, and is even open during the day. Munson I bowled there once in the afternoon and liked it.

Bowling usa slidell

When will they get someone anyone in there that can get the league stands right. Raeanne This place had way too many smokers. Those people take bowling seriously and go every week on that day Sal Delvisco This bowling alley would not be so bad if the customer service was much better. Alissa The former manager was railroaded Now they need to get someone in there that knows how to do some simple After hurricane Katrina, the center was shut down for a few months and they upgraded the scoring system, but nothing else. Also, has anyone else noticed how slippery the floors are in front of the foul line? This place is great! Anonymous this website is horrible there is no actual information about the place other that it doesn't have a pro shop or serve food. Customer service is not good as mentioned before although I have found after they get to know you they are better. The lanes weren't dry or too slick. It was probably not a good lane as it was the first one near the wall. I also agree with Chris,everyone's spelling and grammer is horrible and they are talking about other people.. The one that was "out of order". Afterall you are paying your league dues, which are not cheap. They need to appreciate customers more and treat them nicely. If memory serves, the lanes were maintained and the place has an old school vibe to it. Unfortunately the owners must think that rustic and old is the new way to go Comment Date: It seems that certain patrons can disregard the rules, but others cannot. Gail, the same lady has been running this place for years, and will not leave. Martin Luna Melissa, Raeanne, Phoebe, Laura and two of the anonomouse postings were done by the same person. I suppose, though, this is Louisiana. They have no idea what customer service is let alone how to provide it. Other than the bad service, Me and my family had a nice time!

Bowling usa slidell

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