Cute goodnight quotes for boyfriend

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The birds are going to their home because it is going to dark.. You are so brave You are so brave and strong. I could never let today pass without telling you just how much I love you. Good night, my sweet! Good night baby Good night baby. There are even some nights when I go to bed sad. The wind is blowing. Do you know Dear?

Cute goodnight quotes for boyfriend

I hope you have pleasant dreams. Good night My love. It will only start moving when we meet again tomorrow. Hope that you will find the words that you like. The moon is up. Our schedules may be tight. Sleep well, my love. As soon as we close our eyes, we will be near each other. Good night my love Good night my lover boy. Good night baby Good night baby. I think that I will sleep with you in night one day good night my boy. I will not see you for I will not see you for long, But I love you so much, So I will visit you in your dreams… Good night You are already sleeping You are already sleeping deeply, and I dream about you, about the tenderness of your hands, about your voice, loyalty and trust; about that pure sense which I feel towards you, and about my love and how I cherish you. Good night, sleep tight! You are so brave You are so brave and strong. Wishing you a wonderful night. This night is so This night is so beautiful. You are my smile when you talk me then i have a lot of joy. Your dream make my night worthwhile. The night will come The night will come in tiny steps, Quietly knock at your door, Cover you up with the softest dreams, And fly away through your window. Your sweet thought makes me smile. Just know that I love you with every fiber of my being. But only one special person is reading my message. I love you very much. I am going to bed because I want to see you in my dream. In this darkest of nights, I long for you to hold me tight.

Cute goodnight quotes for boyfriend

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