Dating an aquarius man

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He will act like a little child if he gets a new laptop or a telephone, with an instruction manual longer than your average encyclopedia. Sure when you get up close, you might think you know what's it all about, but you never really know until you get on because those twists and turns get crazy. Aquarians love to help others and soon you will have your man fiddling with DTH recorder in your own apartment while you can think of other things to do! He may be peculiar and downright strange sometimes, but isn't that better then bored and unoriginal? And he is definitely not one to succumb to any value system just because it has been validated by tradition.

Dating an aquarius man

Since I have another birthday coming up I decided it was time to help all of those other people out there understand the 11th Astrological sign on the zodiac calendar just a little bit better. Be clear about your personal love language There are five personal love languages: There are a lot of nuances you need to be aware of in terms of emotion. He also needs to know that you won't intrude on his guy time. His Sun is in detriment and this makes him vulnerable to all sorts of issues with respect and sometimes makes him take everything that is said way too personally. They are not comfortable in deeply emotional relationships and like their actions to be governed by their rational mind. Unfortunately, Aquarius men tend to overstep this line frequently. So if you do not find your Aquarius date ringing you up twelve times a day and crashing your inbox with insistent mails, take heart. You need to work with your Aquarius partner so that he can see the gray areas in your relationship. The way to his heart to be able to hold an intelligent conversation. Don't be surprised to know that when you're first starting to date him, he's probably dating a few other girls as well. You might get a little dizzy, sure, but the adrenaline rush you get just might be worth it.. This is a dangerous territory. If you're debating whether you want to give an Aquarius guy a try or not, definitely do! If this seems too complicated, just make sure to avoid the trite and the conventional. February 12, Bob Marley: Aquarius has a zeal for embracing all that comes with the new age and would prefer someone to hold hands with while jumping ahead than to be with someone stagnant or worse, stuck in the past. If you do, that's only going to push him further away. Show him that your thoughts and ideas do not take their counter from mere tradition but spring up from your own mind. He has about a hundred best friends, but only one or two who really know him very well. Even if you do not share his enthusiasm for gadgets that look like tablets and cost the earth, adopt a more balanced view about how new thoughts and knowledge should be used. Save the Drama For Your Mama The Aquarius is a terrific problem solver—if the problem is something that needs a rational solution. He's like that roller coaster that's supposed to be the biggest and funnest around. This is a very dangerous trap. If he makes a joke, laugh. Letting you rub his tummy means he trusts you. This can be challenging even for a partner with a very strong personality and the most important thing here is to set clear agreements on the way both partners will approach each other, as soon as the relationship starts.

Dating an aquarius man

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  1. This is one sign where quality and quantity of conversation is almost equal in comparison. This is evident from the fact that he is often a sucker for the latest gadgets or the newest gaming consoles.

  2. This guy is very social and has lots of friends so make sure he's allowed to have nights where he can just go out with them without you freaking out and giving him a hard time.

  3. The Aquarius sign is ruled by two planets, Saturn and Uranus and perhaps this is why you may be puzzled by a curious duality in your lover.

  4. He wants good conversation, but he also wants a lot of it too. In fact you may find many Aquarians, keeping in touch with their friends even after they have been married, since this is important for the free and productive exchange of ideas which they thrive on.

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