Encourage wife to flirt

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Don't suddenly decide that she is, no matter how well-meaning you think you are. Figure out if you want her to have sex with a stranger? Take some time to more fully explore what you already have! If she doesn't seem game and isn't running with the idea, you seriously need to back off. What you are doing is trying to push your wife into doing something she is uncomfortable with and has real-life repercussions.

Encourage wife to flirt

Similarly to another response, my husband coerced me into sleeping with other men and I repeatedly told him that I was not comfortable with it which only served to make him 'encourage' me more. Make her feel like the hottest woman on earth, and make sure she knows that you find her irresistible whether she continues down this path or not. Making sure that doesn't happen would be my priority. There is some feeling she gets in these conversations that she wants to have, but with no chance of anything beyond that. It suggest that you don't recognize her own agency or ability to make up her mind. For me, this generally meant making a well-placed Star Wars reference. Guys with whom she has no emotional connection you don't mention a relationship, you only mention sex. Life is long, and marriage is long. I would never want you to feel pressured at all. Let her take the lead. Or that you're ignoring what she's telling you—that she's still deciding. Seek a guide with some experience. She needs time, maybe a few months, to think and get used to the idea. Don't think this is something that's going to happen this month or even this year or in the next five years. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. My advice to you is the stand down advice you're hearing. She found it useful. If she wants to, she will initiate the discussion. From what I have read and seen, older couples handle this better. More than polyamory, I would consider this cuckolding. It's all pretty selfish and disrespectful, dude. But IRL encounters expose her and you to risk of disease, risk of violence, possible risk of pregnancy, possible blackmail, etc. Chances are she doesn't like this idea and you have to live with it or end the relationship and find someone who does. Having hetero sex for women tends to be physically invasive, and you are asking her to let other guys presumably met online enter her body so you can get off. On the other hand, in one situation a guy touched her breast while trying to kiss her, so she ended that sit down with him. I doubt some great orgasms are worth putting your wife through something that could fuck up her self value, potentially her health if things aren't as safe as planned and possibly your marriage. From the rest of your post, it's very clear you've asked her multiple times and everytime you do, her initial reaction is trying to push it aside by giving a reason she can't.

Encourage wife to flirt

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  1. If you both have careers, decent incomes, lives of your own and independent identities, it will be easier to be clear that she has agency and is genuinely consenting instead of caving to pressure. She found it useful.

  2. In terms of the other men making moves, they seem to do this anyway or some of them do. It never went IRL in part because they could not answer some of the hard questions like "What happens if I do this with you and I turn up pregnant and we do not know who the father is?

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