Existential depression intelligence

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Then, as you get older, your exposure to outside influences grows. Others, still, might bounce in and out of this most thoughtful place repeatedly throughout the course of their lives. For some, this will pass quickly and painlessly, but others might dwell in such a state for a very long time. While we may live in a world full of laws and traditions, we are not bound by them. Just as we cannot fully know the other, they are unable to ever fully know us. Suddenly, your worldview is frequently challenged as you encounter beliefs, traditions, behaviors, and lifestyles quite different from your own.

Existential depression intelligence

You are effectively closed off from the outside world and you learn most of what you know from those closest to you: Retrieved on September 18, , from https: Yet no matter how well acquainted we may become with some foreign body, we can never know its essence. Your ability to communicate improves, you begin to understand more complex ideas, and you interact with more diverse groups of people. We are all mortal in the physical sense, but the inability to see beyond the death of our bodies can be a source of anguish. He is an author, researcher and expert in mental health online, and has been writing about online behavior, mental health and psychology issues -- as well as the intersection of technology and human behavior -- since One such possible cause is existential in nature, that is, a person ends up questioning his or her life, death or meaning of life, and by doing so, lapses into depression. Others, still, might bounce in and out of this most thoughtful place repeatedly throughout the course of their lives. Just as we cannot fully know the other, they are unable to ever fully know us. Does god care about me? You see, as beings, we are defined by our interactions with other people, objects, and creatures. The conclusion to this line of thinking is that we are utterly alone in our existence. We look out onto a world that can be viewed, heard, touched, but it is not us and we are not it. Existential depression is usually treated not with any type of prescription medication, but rather psychotherapy focused on helping the person explore the meaning of their life. Do you often battle feelings of hopelessness and meaninglessness? This is a normal component of treatment of depression, and many clinicians will often work with the person to help them explore the meaning of their life if this happens. Humans are entirely free, and, therefore, entirely responsible for their own happiness or misery. Most people at some stage in their life, will go through a period where they begin to question everything they have ever been taught. This article will attempt to provide some relief from these feelings. Your ideas of life, your morals, your views, and your understanding of what constitutes acceptable behavior are all fashioned by what you witness among this small group of people. Are you ready to begin? Then, as you get older, your exposure to outside influences grows. Grohol sits on the editorial board of the journal Computers in Human Behavior and is a founding board member and treasurer of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Freedom is the responsibility to make choices, to act one way or another, to forge a path of our own making. Have you always struggled to identify your place in the world? Related Articles John M. Our consciousness is closed off to all outsiders; it is for our eyes only.

Existential depression intelligence

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  1. What is Existential Depression? People who experience normal clinical depression may also experience existential issues related to the meaning of their life in the course of psychotherapy to treat the depression.

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