Fishing metaphors

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You dangle a reward in front of somebody to get what you want. When you fish you cast your line into a body of water. Sometimes you are able to clear up your misunderstanding and sustain your interaction. He led the original team of co-workers that founded Videon, and he has emphasized teamwork and community as essential parts of work at Videon ever since. Ideally, they can even point out what we might be missing. We call them sanctions. You make love to them. A project is a fishing trip.

Fishing metaphors

Early on, Todd envisioned a place where employees would work with one another in a supportive environment, producing high-quality products and enjoying themselves at the same time. She must be instructed. We call this deviance. It has to coordinate a series of complicated decisions, processes, and actions in order to catch and deliver its fish. Maybe you need more assets in project management to take the leads you signed up and actually follow through. The CEO has a top-level vision, just as the fishing expedition leader needs to define a broader goal. The teen spent two years in rehab, after having been hooked on phonics as a child. You bend the truth to get what you want. Dating is fishing, finding a mate is landing a fish. She must be taught. Understanding my company this way has helped me visualize how our jobs fit together and why each matters. To interact you cast yourself into a sea of people. But it sure is fun to fish for a while. You smile, maybe even flirt. When you fish, you use bait. And even when you are alone, your thoughts soon drift to the people in your life. You incorrectly assume their intentions and motives. Here are a few examples of metaphors claimed from the fishing world. They talk in terms of etiquette. When you fish around others, sometimes your lines get crossed. A contract is a fish in the sea that must be brought to shore. And sometimes you do the same in social interaction. But over time he learns the rules of interaction, first from family, then his peers, and even from television. Then the sales team starts casting, locating groups of fish and trying to entice them. He led the original team of co-workers that founded Videon, and he has emphasized teamwork and community as essential parts of work at Videon ever since. A potential mate is a fish, one of many, and in itself unimportant.

Fishing metaphors

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