Even with members of his own family. He was not formally schooled until he was twelve years old. This becomes more true when both neighbors unite to form the Federated Commonwealth, combining Steiner industry with Davion strategy. Another group, like the burakumin in Japan were the paekchong gravediggers,butchers. This stipulated that both China and Japan would withdraw their troops from Korea in four months, neither side would train Korean troops and that each would notify the other before dispatching troops to Korea. As a newly emergent country, Japan turned its attention towards Korea. But it wasn't until that there were any serious contacts with the West. Cultural and artistic expression flourished, but the country was stunted politically and economically, poorly developed militarily, and naive in international relations. After the insurrection of , Li Hung-chang took steps to strengthen China's position in Korea with a commercial treaty, loans and six Chinese battalions to maintain order and check Japanese aggression.


Because of its loss in the war, China ceded Taiwan and the Liaotung Peninsula to Japan and was forced to recognize Korea as a fully independent nation, ending its centuries-long domination of the peninsula. Danai has rebuffed unwanted attention from guys on at least two known occasions the latter with tragic consequences , and it has been said that her friendship with Nikol Marik is a little too close for them simply to be just best friends, especially considering that Houses Marik and Liao are traditionally enemies. Slaves had no family name and their children could be taken away like cattle. The Periphery told him no. Almost all of the League's military answers to regional powers, causing a great deal of distrust as units may find themselves working together toward conflicting goals. As the name implies, the Confederation was initially an alliance formed for mutual defense against the Free Worlds League and Federated Suns. In early June a Chinese force of 2, was dispatched from Chefoo Yingtan to Asan under general Yuan Shikai, a port outside of Seoul, where they camped. In North Korea, those suspected of collaboration with the Japanese and their families face were executed, imprisoned and their families face discrimination today. Cultural and artistic expression flourished, but the country was stunted politically and economically, poorly developed militarily, and naive in international relations. As an old school Confucianist he promoted isolationism and persecution of Korean Catholics, leading to the French attack of Ganghwa Island in after the execution of a French priest. He met the young Danai when she was only three years old but despite that he sensed a form of kinship with her, so much so that he left his Battlemech, Yen-Lo-Wang, to her in his will. When convincing a planet's leadership to join him, his MO was basically: In a Japanese military instructor arrived to train Korean soldiers in modern methods. As evil and insane as Max was, she was in many ways a fitting successor to her dad. The resolution that gave the Captain-General dictatorial powers was intended to be for emergencies only. Though in fairness, the Confederation does permit people to attain a higher caste level through excellence and service, and actively encourages its citizens to advance themselves. A pro-Japanese government was sworn in, independence from China was proclaimed and a new Japanese fiance minister was appointed. The children of concubines and yangban were not allowed to take government exams and fell into the lower castes. Russia had economic interests in Korea and Manchuria that it hoped to exploit. However, the military was not modernized, a fatal flaw. After limited military skirmishes, they retreated. Once all was set, he killed Richard and the rest of the Cameron family and took over the Terran Hegemony resulting in a brutal 13 year long struggle by Aleksandr Kerensky and the Star League Defense Force to oust the Usurper. Does This Remind You of Anything? The Japanese secret society, began to secretly aid a group fighting these injustices, the Tonghaks, hoping Japan could profit from an unstable situation in Korea. In Hideyoshi died and the Japanese decided to end the war and return home. Despite its potential, the League dwindled in significance by the end of the Succession Wars, plagued by internal disputes, civil wars, weak leadership, and a lack of direction.


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  1. Always struggling to survive, the Confederation's desperate need for stability and security saw it gradually evolve into a communist police state, with a centralized government owning all the property and dictating the lives of the people.

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