Healing hickies

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Do this several times throughout the day. You can also take vitamin K supplements to facilitate the healing process. Or, another way is to put a spoon into your fridge for 10 minutes or so. Apply this to your affected skin for minutes and repeat for as many times you need daily. These methods are best to be used as soon as you notice a hickey.

Healing hickies

March 29th, by Top10HomeRemedies Advertisements. Do this for as many times you like until the hickey is no longer noticeable. Massaging the affected area can help to circulate the blood and aid in the healing process. Alternatively, consume Vitamin K based food such as fish oil, brown rice, or spinach until you no longer see bruised marks. What the heat does is it increases blood flow in the area, hence hastening the re-absorption of the clot into the blood stream thus clearing the discoloration. The lesser the blood that is spread to tissues from the burst capillaries, the lesser the soreness of the hickey. Gently scratch your skin will eliminate inflammation yet you might damage your skin if you apply too much pressure. Saturate a washcloth in hot water, wring out the excess water and hold it on your skin for five minutes, three times a day. Put a spoon in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. This eases the re-absorption of the clot into the blood stream. It is recommended to use a vibrating toothbrush. This is a healing ointment that has been medically proven to reduce swelling and soreness. Vitamin C contains nutrients that can help your body repair its skin, which will ultimately heal your hickey. Do not use this remedy more than twice a day as it can irritate the skin. Apply some peppermint-based toothpaste on the affected area for a few minutes. Place the inside of the peel on the bruise for 10 to 30 minutes. You can hide hickies with clothing or makeup. When the tingling has just stopped, you wipe it off using a warm cloth. Moreover, you should also drink extra fresh orange juice instead of packaged orange juice to get the best results. Applying heat in the affected area This is in direct contradiction with the cold method. However, great care should be observed when using the cold method. The peelings are put on the bruise with the inside part facing down. When applied, it reduces the soreness and also helps in the repair of the broken capillaries. Banana peelings from kitchen use can be used. A warm compress will assist is dilating your capillaries. This, in turn, can help reduce the look of a hickey.

Healing hickies

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  1. It should be applied as soon as possible so as to relieve soreness and possible itchiness. Rub the area gently for several minutes.

  2. Alternatively, spread peppermint-based toothpaste along the hickey affected skin and wash off after a few minutes, once noticeable tingling has ceased.

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