How to suck willy

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This study however is without peer reviews. Push him onto the bed. It feels uncomfortable as hell right? Make sure you only suck clean and disease free guys. Use restraints on him if you want. Use both hands if you want! A similar study found that the same thing can cause feelings of disgust in the woman, thus contributing to relationship breakdown, so it is quite contradictory. The techniques regarding rhythm and direction work just as well for hand jobs, so if your jaw is getting tired, rest it for a bit and let your hands do the talking.

How to suck willy

You can have this be the main event, or you can do this before you have sex. And again, please no teeth! Gently suck on the head of his penis while your hand moves up and down. You may not like the taste or the texture. The lubrication serves to make it a smoother and more pleasurable experience. Hold your body weight up by placing your arms on his legs. Kiss back up to him and place your hand on his bulge. The Tease When you see each other in the morning, give him a big kiss and gently graze your hand over his junk. Be sure to use your hands to your advantage. Grab him at the hips like you mean it. No harm in getting what you want, right? These guys are super sensitive so licking and gently and I mean geeently sucking on them should feel great for your man. Kiss him and pull him into the bedroom or living room, or dining room; I encourage you to get a little creative with your locations. Talk to your partner, express your preferences and let him express his. Rhythm and Direction Now a lot of women are under the impression that when handling a penis, either with their mouth or their hands, more vigorous equals more pleasurable for the man. Gently massage them while you are working his shaft. Key Takeaways What it seems to come down to pun intended is communication. You may not want him to cum in your mouth for various reasons. Enjoy it and I promise he will too. Lick your lips and slide them along the shaft. So if your partner is lacking in this department, simply inform him. From a physical standpoint, the tip of the penis is extremely rich in nerve endings — the oh so sensitive anatomical constructs which can send signals of intense pleasure shooting up the spine. Kiss down his neck and move down towards his chest. Communication in this area is extremely important. Keep your lips tight around the shaft while you move up and down. This study however is without peer reviews. It makes sense then, that having something as sensual as a tongue gently brush these nerve endings would have the capacity to be the source of extreme pleasure.

How to suck willy

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  1. Be sure to use your hands to your advantage. Treat it as you would treat any sensitive part of your own body, with tenderness and respect.

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