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Traditional sexy is great when you're trying to attract more temporary partners. Now aren't high heels hard to dance in? If you 'hide something from someone,' you keep it a secret. This can be used to refer to style of dress, a party, a meeting, etc. Confidence is the number one most sexy quality.


Also, don't forget to smile. By conforming to one or the other, you'll be attracting people that are looking for different things. I forgot my sneakers at home, so I couldn't go to the gym. Experiment on your own or consult with a hair stylist to find a hairstyle that looks sexy and plays up all your best features. You want to project as adult look in order to come across as sexy. Media plays up the idea that women want guys with big crotches and guys want women with big breasts, but the actual spectrum of preferences pretty equally runs the gamut. What time did you really come home last night? Obviously they don't wear high heels. So, Jeyong, you like to go to night clubs. Sexiness can be subtle yet alluring. Of course, you don't need to dress in red from head to toe, but a red belt, handbag or jewelry can make a world of difference. Keep Listening Here are some more great lessons! Steps Getting the Look 1 Decide what kind of sexy you want to be. You'll also want to take a few other measures, depending on your gender. OK, now for a, would a girl wear hip-hop pants? The same tends to go for your clothes: You'll also want to wear heels to correct your posture and lift your butt. I want you to be honest with me. His parents could see that he wasn't telling the truth. Confidence is the number one most sexy quality. If something is not formal than it is 'casual' and relaxed. What about a guy? A guy would be wearing casual hip-hop pants, and maybe a polo shirt. Even people who don't have much to offer in the looks department can still manage to come across as sexy if they balance confidence with other attractive qualities, like personality, charm, and humor. I'm trying to change my life. Ah, that's good, you have very supportive parents.


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  1. What time did you really come home last night? You'll also want to wear heels to correct your posture and lift your butt.

  2. If you're looking for someone who's very driven, tend towards nicer, dressier clothes.

  3. Pin Get the perfect pout Luscious lips are definitely sexy, but don't just goop on the gloss.

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