Kino touch

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This is why Kino is said to be the first true step of the courtship ritual. You need to limit your kino escalation according to the location you are in. The best time to go for an escalation is when she is at an emotional highpoint, or you can create the mood you want as part of the kino routine. This initial contact is actually the basis for their work, because touch automatically bonds people as long as it's appropriate. It should be casual, we don't want to imply anything just yet - we just test the waters. Time frame Kino escalation starts in the Attraction phases and continues all the way to Sex. To go further, into mid and heavy kino, you should first isolate the girl or move her to a more private venue.

Kino touch

It's time to get some perspective on touching in a relationship, especially if you're a man, no more mystery behind "what should I do next? Poking — Lightly tap her arm or shoulder to reclaim her attention if it temporarily wanders. If she does not, reinitiate the interaction by either going for the escalation again or moving on to the next routine. You won't be doing this with a girl you just met, unless you are not afraid to lose the girl. To bring this about you can demonstrate disinterest as a result of her resistance. Furthermore, when she touches you her kino comfort level rises and she will be more comfortable receiving the same kino from you. Spend more money and time taking her on dates waiting for her to initiate Kino She's waiting for THE MAN to initiate it, just as you initiated the courtship by asking for her number. The sense of loss from your release will make her feel more discomfort, as if she did something wrong to turn you off, and she will feel compelled to come chase you. Sense how comfortable she is with it. Handshake is safest, hug is a little more riskier, and kiss on the cheek is riskiest. Emphasis — You can touch her arm with the back of your hand to emphasize a point in the conversation. Simple escalation to start further contact Depends on environment again Hand play — Let your fingers play with her hand. Sit on lap — Take her hand and move it above her head so that she spins around. Express your sexuality, but make sure the correct level of rapport and relationship status is built. It is both a push forward and a pull back, the emotional roller coaster ride that women love. You need to allow a woman to become familiar to your touch if you are to have any hope to get anywhere with her. Places on a woman that are open to kino: It can be done more subtly — by leading a girl through the door, for example. She is also becoming more vulnerable as you escalate the kino through the chain of events. Anyways, to build rapport you should always keep in mind that emotion usually comes first then physicality after. A woman will feel no social pressure in these acts and will therefore reciprocate accordingly, getting her already used to your touch. Kino steps There are a certain number of kino escalation steps in the game plan. Your touch should be friendly and playful, the same way that you would touch your buddies. Kino Escalation is simply a touch progression between a man and a woman. However, before you do it is a good idea to perform a short or incidental kino escalation move around that area first, to test her comfort level before you go for a longer touch. The last stage in the Kino escalation ladder will involve seductive gestures; this time there's no mistake about the intention.

Kino touch

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  1. When she gives it, study her palm intently and gently trace the lines in her palm with your finger. Before the kiss is actually initiated there are plenty of signals floating — the intense eye contact, loose lips, a little inclination of the head to the side, the hand on the back or behind the back.

  2. Leave questions if you must, ill answer them as best as possible. This is short, almost incidental kino that you can use in a public setting.

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