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The sons of both family lines can be almost as lethal, too. While they are fast and strong, Triela's training scene implies that they are not really that skilled. She's also The Big Guy. Given that in a mid 90's movie adaptation the titular Shaft is the nephew of the original and played by Samuel L. Henry "Mutt" Jones the Third. A villainous or possibly Anti Villainous example is the Kappel family from Collar 6 , with Michael Kappel and his wife Evita aka Butterfly as insanely powerful doms, and their slaves possess their own superpowers.


The Racers in Speed Racer and extended family all apparently know how to deal out some awesome whoopass. Several agents of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum have formed family groups, and all of them fall under this heading by default. Yet, he gets beaten by his wife with a single punch here. Ayumi from Hatsukoi Limited has the build of an ordinary schoolgirl and the kicking power of a martial artist. And then Marion Ravenwood who is the best drinker this side of the Himalayas and was willing to put on a pretty dress just to have the opportunity to knife her friendly captor and escape. Who still tries and manages to help out in his own way. Flash clearly has the heart for heroics, just not the opportunity yet. She's also The Big Guy. It's hinted that her mother is even stronger. There's no important androids created by Dr. Wasp plays it slightly straighter, being that, even at normal size, she's just over five feet tall and learned how to kick ass from Captain America too. The Ortegas of Malifaux are a family of monster-hunting gunslingers. Then Bill and Barry happened. They are also incredibly fast and strong and are able to take hits from titanic crossbows that can punch through heavy armor or horses and keep going. The only disadvantage is in the manipulation of metals, since if one is too heavy she will be moved instead. Odin, Allfather, the Allwise and supreme king of all Asgardians has fathered and or adopted numerous children who definitely qualify as experts in asskickerey: Hanna uses Le Parkour to confuse and separate her enemies, her agility to dodge their stronger blows and her Tyke Bomb Training from Hell to exploit any opening instinctively. Cheung, Jin, and Hu Wei are identical triplets. Cue the slow-motion and the classical music as they take turns stabbing, burning, shooting, and impaling it Then you factor in the extended family of Arrows, Amazons, and Titans, some of the most fanatically family-oriented groups in Nationverse Nani is about the most normal member and even she's got Big Sister Instinct on her side. One of the Losers fights off a woman, and she's just as hard as nails as he is, and both fight really dirty. Their average reaction to a rampaging monster attacking their farm is to blow it up Being a deity might be the only way to explain her 90 foot vertical or surviving a grenade going off under her feet without a scratch. Serroi is maybe four and a half feet tall. You have the older brother Kristoph Gavin, defense attorney extraordinaire. The Bloodrage tribe in Looking for Group lives up to their name.


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  1. Not to say she's unstoppable though; even with the power of The Rook, opponents with Queen or even King-level power can overpower her, and for good reason.

  2. They all sleep with a weapon under their pillow, and woe the burglar that picks their house as a target.

  3. Wyatt is already a legendary former lawman by the start of the film and Virgil and Morgan are quick to volunteer as new marshals after the previous one is murdered and the town is falling into lawlessness. Eren points out her tendency to curb stomp guys literally twice her size as evidence that this is a blatant lie.

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