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I didn't know what engineering was until I started college at MIT. She uses optical methods to study phonons in condensed materials, including thermoelectrics and supercooled liquids, under the advisement of Keith Nelson. When cruising at an altitude of 30, feet, most people credit the pilot for their safe journey through the skies. One day, I was talking to [fellow graduate student] Kimberlee Collins about her research, and I was fascinated by the laser system and the optical components. I study the flow of heat through very small materials.


I may be in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, but I feel like what I really am is an engineer who works on energy problems. Is Boston home for you now? My adventures in graduate school take a back seat to the growth and development of this adorable child. When I was a sophomore I volunteered for the MIT Women's Initiative, where I visited middle- and high-school classrooms in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, and explained what engineering was. I study the flow of heat through very small materials. I do other forms of volunteering now. I spent a few days measuring things with her. Do you ever think about how you could have been introduced to mechanical engineering at a younger age? I study the wave-like properties of these atomic lattice vibrations, which are known as phonons. When I joined his group, he gave me the freedom to explore various projects and talk to people about what they were doing. In the S3TEC meetings I get to discuss my research with people from chemistry, materials science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and physics. I served on the editorial board of the EFRC newsletter for the first two issues in the hopes that we could reach people with the message of the importance of energy research. Did you always know that you wanted to be an engineer? I feel so fortunate to have been part of the S3TEC community, because it is rich in experience, knowledge, and people with different backgrounds. I used to think about that a lot because I wished I knew before I came to college what my options would be and what careers people actually have. She spent her teenage years in Washington, D. However, the next time you are on an airplane, Maria Luckyanova wants you to think about the teams of engineers who also contributed to your flight: An Interview with Maria Luckyanova Maria Luckyanova sees engineering in everything and thinks you should, too Kara Manke Maria Luckyanova is passionate about engineering sustainable solutions for the world's pressing energy needs. I count down between the end of football season and the beginning of the next one, and I have two different Patriots-related apps on my phone. About the author s: It is, it really is. It's almost like engineers do everything behind the scenes. One day she had to deposit gold on a sample, and she let me put a quarter into the deposition chamber. My sister had a baby a year and a half ago, and the baby is very much the focus of the family, including for me. I started at MIT thinking that I would be majoring in physics, and I took the first physics class that a lot of the future physics majors take—I think they call it "physics for masochists. However, when you go down to the nanoscale, a lot of these laws break down, and quantum phenomena become important. You've been living in Boston for ten years now, longer than you have lived anywhere else.


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  1. When I joined his group, he gave me the freedom to explore various projects and talk to people about what they were doing. Do you continue to do outreach work now?

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