Major league baseball san francisco giants

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Get off at the Embarcadero station and walk south along the water until you reach the ballpark. SF City Guides offers at least ten different free public walking tours in this neighborhood. This casual French cuisine spot is a little less crowded than some of the other nearby bars and restaurants. Summer in San Francisco is chilly and windy so prepare accordingly. At the Stadium In addition to all that there is to do in the neighborhood, there is plenty to keep you busy at the stadium itself.

Major league baseball san francisco giants

Some of the best nearby restaurants and bars include: Be aware that crowds are big and busy at all of the nearby restaurants on game day. This is no plain old hotdog kind of place; you can get high quality gourmet meals and top notch cocktails at this San Francisco baseball stadium. Cabs in San Francisco are safe and can be hailed on the street. It is much better to take public transportation. You can also find them meandering around the plaza outside of the stadium. But one of the things that makes this stadium especially fun is that there is always some kind of special event happening here to make the game even more enjoyable. It is possible to find taxis to and from the game. Get off at the Embarcadero station and walk south along the water until you reach the ballpark. You can sign up for free to be a member of Goldstar, a site that offers discounted tickets to many events. The food is fancy New American cuisine. In fact, there are people sitting in boats in the water at every game and they compete to catch the home run balls that fly over the wall and into the water. Over the years they have won nearly two dozen National League Pennants and been in the World Series 19 times, both of which are record-breaking numbers. Some of them are con who will take more money than you should give. Parking in the area is difficult and expensive. This guide will help you understand the ballpark, the Giants and the best way to enjoy a game day. Some of the souvenirs you might want to get: For many people, though, that great game day crowd is part of the fun. For an additional cost you can add a Ducks tour on the nearby water. Expect a lot of energy at those games! This is also a really great way to get started on your day. Unfortunately, tickets can get somewhat pricey. Walk along the water. You can find them on scalper websites. Bowling, ice skating and a merry-go-round offer a few things to do with the kids before the game. If you are coming in from outside of the city, such as near San Jose, then you will likely come on Caltrain, which drops you off just a short walk from the ballpark. Summer in San Francisco is chilly and windy so prepare accordingly.

Major league baseball san francisco giants

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