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Medical treatment by a hospital without admission. A removal of the uterus and ovaries. During the menstrual cycle a follicle sometimes "ripens" but does not burst Ingrown toenail or fingernail. Notha, Pleurodynia — p.


In a majority of the cases the disease resolves by itself after months. The forming of bone. Bone cutting surgical instrument. The study of hereditary factors. Tge branch of medicine which deals with problems of the ear. These occur with both group A combining word-form that means "testicle". A peritoneum fold extending from the stomach to nearby organs in the abdominal cavity. Non-cancerous tumor usually seen in the white brain matter of adults. National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei: A virus which causes hepatitis and is associated with liver cell cancer. One who specializes in pregnancy. Derived from the poppy plant that grows in the Near East. Referring to the "eye". Notha, Pleurodynia — p. To dull or blunt, especially to sensation or to deaden pain. Another word for "autopsy". The most commonly affected areas are hips and joints. Another word for "bone". Each month a single egg is released by one of the ovaries A door or opening into a tubular organ or between two body cavities. The development of bone. The removal of an omentum. Concentration of a solution expressed in osmoles. Another word for "tumor". Maria, 5 Manual of Emergency Medicine Pleuritis Pleuritis, or pleurisy, is an inflammatory process involving the pleura that has many causes, including viral pleurodynia, pleural-based pneumonia, pulmonary infarction due to pulmonary embolism, and neoplastic involvement of the


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  1. Epidemic pleurodynia caused by coxsackievirus B3 at a medical center in northern Taiwan Research findings, ' Epidemic pleurodynia caused by coxsackievirus B3 at a medical center in northern

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