Rockmart skydiving

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Ashe, his roommate, Robert Tillman of Atlanta, and two other friends were skydiving at Skydive The Farm, a acre private farm. Rodrigo Bianchini's funeral will be held on Tuesday Within 30 seconds of the accident, three people were at Mr Bianchini's side. I will be back for another jump and want Andy and Turner with me again. There was not a single time that I felt unsafe! You will be trained in all possible emergency situations and canopy malfunctions as unlikely as they may seem. Huge shoutout to Stephanie for being just plain awesome, and to Hank for calming my nerves and literally having my back!

Rockmart skydiving

Now I want to do it at least for 22 more. I decided to jump too and I was never nervous or afraid. Share or comment on this article: I surprised my wife with her first tandem skydive jump as well as the video package for her birthday. In order for me to finish my license in time you sometimes flew with only me and my instructor in the plane — no other skydiving operator would have done that! I was ecstatic and let Turner know how much he had done to make this event pretty cool. Having said that, I can now confirm that there are no hidden costs and everything stated on their homepage is clear and transparent. It's clearly no rocket-science if you come prepared although this is not a prerequisite! All of my questions were answered immediately and in great detail. Both are top notch at what they do. A great school, amazing people and a beautiful location! I recently obtained my A-license from Skydive Spaceland Atlanta and I feel obliged to submit a review with the purpose of letting other people know about this amazing place. Recent accusations published online on alcohol abuse by staff members at Skydive Spaceland Atlanta can not be confirmed and are out of whole cloth. We jumped out at just below 15k feet. My course started straight away with the ground school — after all, I signed up for an A-license in a week program! My ears popped a bit. There was not a single time that I felt unsafe! Out of the numerous skydiving companies I wrote to, with general questions about the course, ways of transportation and available dates, Skydive Spaceland clearly stood out. The largest component that guarantees your own safety, however, is not the equipment used, airplane you will fly in or experience of staff — this is on YOU! They made it a really fun experience and reassured me every step of the way. None of the staff members would perform skydiving under the influence of alcohol — as I said above: Huge shoutout to Stephanie for being just plain awesome, and to Hank for calming my nerves and literally having my back! This course full of adrenaline, fun and adventure would not be the same without the people working at Skydive Spaceland Atlanta. If you should struggle or you don't understand sth immediately, the instructor will help you clarify it with a lot of patience, dedication and as much time as it takes for you to understand. You can do anything once you push past the fear! With each passing day your skill regarding your freefall maneuvers, canopy performance and landings increase almost exponentially, thanks to the guidance of your instructors. It was a pleasure working with you all the way to your A License.

Rockmart skydiving

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  1. The program itself is well structured and is becoming more and more interesting over its duration. The latter opened only recently May, and offers brand new facilities in a beautiful scenery of rural Georgia.

  2. Eagle from to The police report states that there were no external injuries, and the coroner believes the death was likely the result of both neck and heart injuries from the impact.

  3. The instructors and everyone there were super helpful and very nice! Experienced skydiver dies in fatal plunge after trying to skim across a pond and land on dry ground Most watched News videos.

  4. Brazier said he turned over the helmet camera to the Polk County Police Department for the investigation.

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