Romantic things to text your husband

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I know you have only been gone an hour, but I'm missing you already. You are a wonderful husband, a perfect person, and a devoted friend. My heart still flutters from the memories of the day when you called me your wife. He loves you just the same and putting up with you. Just wanted to hit the pause button today to tell you how grateful I am to be your spouse. My beloved, nothing unites us more than a joint loan, so I will be bound to you forever. Thinking about you and its making me smile. And I ate it. I decided to send this text message just as a reminder that you are always in my thoughts and in my heart.

Romantic things to text your husband

I love you every day more and more, even if I do not tell you about it. Especially when you know that you are someone hard to deal with. You have this immature side on you that make you selfish, but he never take a step back. Just makin your favorite dinner over here. I love you madly. My beloved, nothing unites us more than a joint loan, so I will be bound to you forever. Gosh I love you. And I ate it. Dear, today you pleased me and you were a magical fairy and have washed all the dishes. And he definitely doesn't mind getting a flirty, romantic message at work to help him through the day. However, how often do you send him romantic, flirty texts? So proud of you for working so hard babe. I love our life together. Does he know how you really feel, or do you sometimes fall into the trap of thinking he knows you love him? Let me make it up to you tonight. Say it every day and every time you have the chance. My darling hubby, I love you even more than Sherlock Holmes loves to smoke a pipe. Keep it short and sweet Sometimes you call me a thorn, but without me your life would be boring, my beloved hubby! Loving, caring, passionate, candid — these words are only a small fraction of those words, which can describe you. Sorry I was weird last night, can we start over? Just listening to our song in the car and feeling grateful you're mine. I send you this text message as a reminder that I miss you and need you. You have promised that I will have a friend forever and so I asked to buy me a puppy. Or you could send a fun memory you had together everyday.

Romantic things to text your husband

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