When water is used as a diluent, 0. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to Trichoderma harzianum SK fungus which is deposited under No. As the preventive measure or for better germination, the composition may contain g of lawn seeds and 50 g of Trichoderma harzianum SK fungus mixed together, and may be inoculated in the soil. A method of protecting plants against fungus, which comprises applying to the plants a fungicidal amount of a fungicidal composition containing incubated Trichoderma harzianum SK fungus, wherein said fungicidal composition is applied at a rate of 0. The steps of using it are described below. It may be appreciated from the results in the tables that Trichoderma harzianum SK according to the present invention can provide fungal growth inhibition against any of the pathogenic fungi listed in the tables, although the growth inhibition may take effect later not later than 20 days for some pathogenic fungi. A method of manufacturing a fungicidal composition, comprising:


In this respect, fungi of the Tricoderma species are of particular interest because of their effective and useful control of the dense growth of fungi that is promoted by the lysis, biotrophic myco-parasite and competition of the fungi. The fungicide obtained according to the method is easily stored and transported. After each pathogenic fungus has been incubated on a flat plane, it is stamped out by a 12 mm-diameter borer and is then placed in the center of 90 mm-diameter petri dish containing culture medium. The resultant dried bran weighs 7. The above observation applies similarly to biological control which has similar problems and cannot be utilized for practical purposes. In the meantime, the fungus Trichoderma harzianum SK has previously been incubated in a liquid medium which is shaken, and a Trichoderma harzianum SK fungus to be seeded has been obtained. Embodiment 3 A fungicide composition contains 5 g of Trichoderma harzianum SK strain in its powdery form, which is the same as that in the previous embodiment 1, and its carrier such as g of peat moss or matured compost. Then, a fungus to be seeded is inoculated into the bran. The present invention also provides a fungicide against plant diseases that contains a large amount of Trichoderma harzianum SK grown on a culture medium. A method of manufacturing a fungicidal composition, comprising: As a general tendency, the fungal growth inhibition will not take immediate effect for some fungi that have a higher rate of growth, but will eventually take effect as the fungi lysis takes place later. Brown patches occurred on the greens. A bran is provided, to which an equal amount of water is added. To promote the generation of conidia, the bran on each tray is stirred one time for each of the fifth and subsequent days after the incubation began. Trichoderma harzianum SK which has thus been incubated is stamped out by a 7 mm-diameter borer and then placed on each stamped-out fungus on its petri dish. Furthermore, the present invention provides a method of manufacture of a fungicide against plant diseases, which comprises inoculating a fungus Trichoderma harzianum SK in a bran which contains a specific moisture and has previously been sterilized, incubating said fungus Trichoderma harzianum SK carried on said sterilized bran at a specific temperature range and at a specific humidity range for a specific number of hours, followed by drying it at low temperature, and, if necessary, pulverizing it into specific grain sizes. So, there is no extra labor of distributing the fungicide alone. Then, they are incubated on the petri dish in order to examine their antagonistic interaction. The results are shown in Tables 1 and 2 hereinafter. A fungicidal composition contains Trichoderma harzianum SK isolated from the soil. As a preventive measure, an aqueous suspension containing 0. Therefore, the plants cannot be recovered uniformly. The fungicidal composition containing the incubated fungus may be distributed at the rate of 0. When this fungicide is used as a remedy, it may be distributed to the root of a plant affected by the fungal disease, at the rate of 1 m2. When water is used as a diluent, 0.


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  1. It might therefore be possible to control such fungal diseases by preventing the growth of the pathogenic fungi more effectively, but there are many cases where in this way, the symptoms of the diseases caused by those kinds of pathogenic fungi which are usually identified as the sources of the diseases cannot appear even if a host is inoculated with those pathogenic fungi.

  2. A fungicidal composition containing Trichoderma harzianum SK fungus isolated from soil. This is principally because the appearance of the disease symptom is associated with the interaction of the particular fungi which applies particularly to lawns.

  3. As the preventive measure or for better germination, the composition may contain g of lawn seeds and 50 g of Trichoderma harzianum SK fungus mixed together, and may be inoculated in the soil. It is therefore the object of the present invention to provide such strains of Trichoderma harzianum SK, thereby solving the problems described above in reference to the prior art.

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