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SpiritVox is trusted and used by over Paranormal Research teams around the world! Hardware "Spirit boxes" can cost hundreds of dollars and are difficult to build yourself. External speakers are recommended if you are using a phone without a loud speaker. Got results you would like to share? App will run in the background if you would like to record on the same device. SpiritVox has been used in the worlds most haunted locations by some of the most famous and well respected ghost hunters in the US, Canada, Norway and the United Kingdom. Never trespass or damage private property, always try to get permission to investigate. Please don't rate low if you don't hear a ghost, neither me or anyone else can guarantee this will happen! Also I encourage you to send me any evidence you capture using my apps!


The building is owned by the Local Authority and as such we have a Non Disclosure Agreement in place. It is not necessary to use this at high volume. Set it to where you are comfortable. Thousand of results reported worldwide. Please don't rate low if you don't hear a ghost, neither me or anyone else can guarantee this will happen! But I can offer you a great tool to catch the evidence should activity present itself. To be truly scientific "measures, controls and sterility" is a must as are knowledge and experience. Guaranteed to be free of all radio interference. The voiced speech of a typical adult male will have a fundamental frequency from 85 to Hz, and that of a typical adult female from to Hz. They are also open to radio interference and random phonetic sounds. Anything else is just a "guess". This is one tool your research group cannot afford to go without! I want it to be a trustworthy tool in your ghost hunts. Last year, North London Paranormal Investigations attended a location that we have been to many times previously. Use speaker for echo, headphones for real time recording monitor. We have experimented with various microphones, including the very same DVR that captured the EVP, Male and Female Volunteers of all ages providing a voice sample for analysis and yet we find it Impossible to reproduce the Hz "Voice". The Female speaks and then the Male asks a question to which a response is heard. Neither myself nor anyone else can guarantee contact with ghost, demons, aliens or your deceased grandmother. We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. If you have ANY questions or problems please email me, I am easy to reach and will do my best to help correct any issues. This app was created for advanced EVP research and experimentation. Having sole permission to investigate this location, which we have done so for several years now, prevents conflicting or exaggerate claims by other teams. SpiritVox is trusted and used by over Paranormal Research teams around the world! The program can be installed on Android. Locations we have been asked to investigate because of our professionalism, Experience and Investigative methods based on science.


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