Workaholic psychology

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Her research primarily focuses on work-family conflict, workaholism, and women and work. As well, there are two key turning points - the loss of Feeling and the loss of integrity - that produce largely unconscious character changes that accelerate the progress of this addiction to power and control. Undoubtedly, the behaviors of workaholics and engaged workers appear similar because in both cases these individuals often work harder and longer than other individuals. Journal of Managerial Development, 25, While still relatively healthy, they can multi-task, but their diversionary tactics and eventual lack of focus often signal performance- anxiety as growing internal chaos causes them to try to control every action, and everyone around them. Sadly, their narcissistic views provide little or no insight into what their actions do to others because sensitivity is lacking when the Feeling function fails to inform judgment.

Workaholic psychology

Summary of significant outcomes of workaholism. They are obsessed with their work performance and hooked on an adrenalin-high. Workaholics and those around them may be reliving patterns from their past, or using work as a way to ease—or ignore—emotional issues and trauma. Some have argued that workaholism is associated with a high level of eustress pleasant stress and other positive outcomes such as job and life satisfaction and high performance, and that workaholics may serve as role models for other employees Baruch, Engaged workers are driven to work because they find it intrinsically pleasurable—they truly enjoy it—while workaholics are driven to work because they feel an inner compulsion to do so. That means insurance reimbursement for treatment may not be available. Sadly, their narcissistic views provide little or no insight into what their actions do to others because sensitivity is lacking when the Feeling function fails to inform judgment. Technology — like smartphones, laptops, and tablets — provides opportunities to work from anywhere anytime and for some people, that means working all the time. The emphasis too often is placed on the excessive hours that these people work, yet this is but one of a series of symptoms. Clark is an assistant professor of psychology and director of the Work and Family Experience Research Lab at the University of Georgia. Amy Morin is a psychotherapist and the author of the 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do , a bestselling book that is being translated into more than 20 languages. Journal of Happiness Studies, 3, 71— Many perfectionistic homemakers and students suffer from this serious affliction. Why you should stop bragging about being a workaholic. These findings are in line with the theoretical model proposed by Ng et al. For fun, love, or money: Another misconception is that if you love your job, you must be a workaholic. Wishing to take ownership of only their positive attributes, Pleasers tend to project unwanted faults and see these same faults in other people. Longitudinal research on the outcomes of workaholism is sorely needed. These independent and proud individuals are often arrogant and intense, but can be most charming, witty, and appear sociable when it serves their purpose. Malissa Clark, PhD, is an assistant professor in the department of psychology at the University of Georgia. Future research could also examine the contextual factors e. Additionally, we found workaholics reported greater negative emotions on days they also reported greater workaholism Clark et al. European Journal of Personality, 24, You become stressed if you are prohibited from working. Lastly, we will examine the seductive role that denial, power and control - what I call the workaholic trap - plays in this addiction.

Workaholic psychology

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